0830 - 开始签到

0900 - 欢迎会议主席致辞
点击传记Wayne Zhuang, Regional Manager of Asia, BIMCO

Wayne ZhuangWei Zhuang is the China Liaison Officer at BIMCO as well as the General Manager of BIMCO, Shanghai office. Wei started his BIMCO career with the legal & contractual affairs department where he worked on a wide range of BIMCO’s standard contracts and clauses projects, including project development, revision and promotion.

His current role is focusing on BIMCO, based in the Shanghai Centre, where he is committed to keeping a constructive relationship with regional regulators and industry stakeholders and, most importantly, to provide BIMCO services to members and potential members in the greater China region.

Wei’s previous positions include eight years as a maritime lawyer and Senior Fellow at University. He has a master’s degree in maritime law and a PhD in international law.



  • 航运自动化和航运数字化:是进化还是变革?
  • 大数据时代的合作
  • 将数字化提上商务议程:利用数字化创新和领导
  • 趋势和展望:向数字化未来过渡

0920 - Keynote 发言:智慧船舶的概念
点击传记Speaker to be announced.

Speaker to be announced.Speaker to be announced.

0950 - 人工智能和机器学习将如何改变工作、商业活动和生活
点击传记Ben Zhang, Maritime and Finance Excellence Center (MFE Center),执行主席

Ben ZhangBiography pending.

1020 - 行业思考:Costa的人工智能
点击传记Michael Chen, Costa Asia信息部部长

Michael ChenBiography pending

1050 - 茶歇

1110 - 物联网对航运业的影响

  • Inmarsat2018年的研究成果
点击传记Shengwei Qian, Inmarsat Maritime亚洲区销售副总裁

Shengwei QianShengwei Qian is Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific of Inmarsat Maritime. Shengwei has over 20 years’ experience in maritime Satellite communication, starting his Satellite communication work in Station 12, KPN Telecom in the Netherlands and mainly focusing on the communication solution for the merchant shipping industry.

He has been working in the same area for the last 20 years, following the company merge and acquisition: Station 12, Xantic, Stratos and now with Inmarsat, and involved in all technology development and solution in the area: from Telex, Fax, Email now to full internet service for both business applications and crew communications on vessels by using Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service.

Shengwei has an MBA degree from Nyenrode University, the Netherlands Business School and Master of Material Science from Chinese Academy of Science.

1210 - 智慧航运顾问小组-向数字化未来过渡

  • 数字化转型的核心要素是什么?
  • 如何在类似航运这一较传统的环境中实现数字变革与创新,其主要障碍是什么?
  • 5年后,这场“数字化之旅“将何去何从?我们取得了什么成就,最重要的是,我们在哪些方面失败了?
点击传记Cathy HodgeCathy Hodge数字船舶经理主持

Cathy HodgeCathy has been involved in the maritime and transport sector since 2000 when she joined Lloyds List/Informa to work across their events portfolio – which included launching brands such as CITIS (Communications & IT in Shipping), Manning & Training, and more. Having previously worked for some of the world's largest publishing and conference groups, including EMAP, IBC and IIR, she joined Digital Ship as Conference Director in 2006 and co-launched Port Finance International in 2009, which she sold in 2017.

Cathy's role has spanned the full spectrum of the shipping, trade, transport and logistics sectors. She has travelled extensively to prepare market leading events and training programmes that meet the needs of a global industry and continues to explore new avenues and ideas for creating programmes that connect experts and leaders in the maritime and transport infrastructure and innovation fields. Cathy has a particular drive to create platforms to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing in the industry.

She is a graduate of UCL (University College London) and has also undertaken business, leadership and communications courses with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and Advanced Business Management from Cranfield School of Management.

点击传记Gary Chen, Xinde Marine ,常务董事

Gary ChenBiography pending.

Further panellists to be announced 更多的小组成员待定

1220 – 午餐

1330 - 区块链在中国航运业的应用与发展
点击传记Matthew Qi, MarineX,创始人兼首席执行官

Matthew QiBiography pending.

1400 - 区块链技术:裨益及将理论变为实践的途径

  • 为什么分散化和区块链技术对物流业很重要
  • 当前区块链解决方案的数据协同和效率问题是阻碍供应链(包括航运业)大力采用区块链技术的主要原因
  • Origintrail公司正在通过分散式网络解决这个问题,它是专门为供应链数据交换而设计的,展示了将概念拓展到规模化使用的途径。以下是一些使用实时业务数据的试点项目。Origintrail公司与中国线上食品市场一米市集合作的试点项目获得了沃尔玛食品安全合作中心的表彰,并进入创新渠道。另一个试点项目是用智能标签确保运往中国市场的欧洲葡萄酒的真实性,通过区块链层确保数据的完整性。
  • 基于OriginTrail协议之上构建的其他应用程序可用于确保供应链完整性、供应链管理、合规、保险、贸易融资...
点击传记Tomaž Levak, OriginTrail,创始人

Tomaž LevakTomaž Levak is Co-Founder and CEO of OriginTrail, a blockchain company developing the first purpose-built decentralised protocol for supply chains. He has been on a mission to build transparency in food supply chains since 2011 and has led implementations of traceability solutions for enterprises in Europe and Asia.

With live use cases and pilot projects using the blockchain for supply chain integrity, supply chain management, and compliance, OriginTrail is a pioneer in efficient and scalable blockchain implementations, using GS1 standards. Existing applications include supply chain visibility for GMO-free dairy products, premium poultry and fresh vegetables, preventing counterfeiting in wine, as well as ensuring data integrity in online retail, for logistics centre, and for laboratory information management systems. OriginTrail also established the Trace Alliance - a collaborative hub for solving supply chain challenges, using blockchain technology. It is an association of corporations, services providers, and developers that closely collaborate on the implementations of the protocol.



  • 在新互联网时代为您实现网络标准化、安全化和自动化
  • 下一代卫星通信
  • 通信变革:卫星通信将如何推动第四次工业革命?
  • 新兴传输方式:大数据时代的互联互通

1430 - 在新互联网时代为您实现网络标准化、安全化和自动化
点击传记Kevin Chen, Marlink(中国)总经理

Kevin ChenKevin Chen is the General Manager of Marlink China. He is responsible for the development of business and company operations in the China region for Marlink, the largest technology-independent satellite communication and digital solutions provider serving the maritime market.

Kevin has a successful academic background with a major in marine radio communication. Furthermore, he received an MBA degree in 2002 specialising in international business at Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.

He started his career as a Radio Officer on board a vessel at SOA China. Prior to joining Marlink, Kevin worked at Jason Electronics for 16 years in a variety of roles including Service Engineer, Sales Manager and Sales & Operations Manager. He has also spent three years of his career at Cobham Satcom as a Senior Sales Manager of Great China, Maritime.

Kevin has around 30 years’ experience in maritime communication and navigation, plus over 15 years’ experience in sales/operations. He has built up a strong knowledge of maritime and data communications. Kevin and his team are able to offer valuable advice and support to customers in the China region.

1500 - 海上VSAT卫星通讯系统的演变

Speaker to be announced.Speaker to be announced.

1530 - 茶歇

1600 - 航运信息通讯峰会:小组讨论

  • 大数据时代的互联互通¬¬——挑战和机遇

点击传记Rob O’Dwyer, 数字船舶编辑主持

Rob O’DwyerRob O'Dwyer, Editor of Digital Ship, has been a maritime IT journalist since 2005. He has a Master's degree in business and law from University College Dublin and was previously a commercial writing consultant in Seoul, South Korea.

Rob was also previously Editor of Port Finance International.

点击传记Sharon Ong, Marlink亚太地区销售总监

Sharon OngSharon Ong is Marlink’s Sales Director Asia Pacific. She is responsible for the development of business in the Asia-Pacific region for Marlink, the largest technology-independent satellite communication and digital solutions provider serving the maritime market.

Sharon has a successful academic background including a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology with a double major in Data Communications and Information Systems. Furthermore, she completed a diploma in 2002 in Internet Computing, Data Communications and Networks with a background on Cisco Networks.

Prior to joining Marlink, she started her career as an IT Consultant, where she was responsible for providing consulting services for application solutions and software.

Sharon joined Marlink in 2009. With over 9 years’ experience in the IT sector and with her strong knowledge and experience in IT and data communications, Sharon is able to offer valuable advice and support and as part of the Singapore Sales team, helps to reinforce the leadership position of Marlink in maritime satellite communications.

点击传记Will Kraus, Iridium市场和战略发展总监

Will KrausWill Kraus, Director, Maritime Line of Business and Product Management, holds responsibilities for market analysis, strategy and competitive research within the maritime sector. These activities support service lines strategy, new concept development, pricing and various marketing activities.

Prior to joining Iridium Satellite in 2001, Mr. Kraus worked at: Telispark, a wireless data integration firm; Iridium LLC, the predecessor of Iridium Satellite; Wirthlin Worldwide, a strategic research firm; and a small market positioning firm based in Barcelona, Spain.

Mr. Kraus received his MBA, focused on International Marketing, from the University of California at Berkeley and his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. He is also proficient in Spanish.

点击传记Mohammed Ali, GTMaritime亚太地区销售经理

Mohammed AliBiography pending.

Further panellists to be announced 更多的小组成员待定



  • 在一个日益数字化的世界维护网络安全
  • 将网络安全意识融入日常操作和程序中
  • 制定一致的网络安全应对计划
  • 航运网络威胁的现实教训以及如何避免

1640 - 公海上的黑客

  • • 怪诞网络袭击-类似骇客攻击电水壶案例
点击传记Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners的创始人

Ken MunroKen Munro is Partner and Founder of Pen Test Partners, a firm of ethical hackers. He regularly blogs on everything from maritime security to hacking cars and the Internet of Things. This has gained him notoriety among the national press, leading to regular appearances on TV and News online as well as the broadsheet press.

He also writes for various newspapers and has contributed to maritime industry magazines in an effort to get beyond the unhelpful scaremongering put about by many security vendors. Ken has also become a voice for reform and legislative change in the largely unregulated IoT, briefing UK and US government departments as well as being involved with various EU consumer councils.

1710 - 问答环节和小组讨论:在一个日益数字化的世界维护网络安全

  • 将网络安全意识融入日常操作和程序中
  • 制定一致的网络安全应对计划
  • 发展网络能力和技能

点击传记Chris Henny, Airbus Defense & Space的高级项目经理,垂直市场经理和

Chris HennyDr Henny runs his own consulting company, Maxess SPRL, based in Brussels, Belgium. His career spans 30 years in innovation, business development, sales management, and the marketing of high tech products and services for Philips, Sony, SAIT, Telenor, Marlink and Airbus.

He launched the first CD ROM, developed an advanced tape drive, implemented a low-cost GSM system for ships, developed one of the first maritime communications online billing systems, inventing a prepaid cards and dialers system, and a telemedicine system for ships.

He has worked extensively in the maritime regulatory environment, and product managed a maritime satellite e-mail hub. He is also a long-time member or CIRM and the Royal Institute of Navigation.

Dr Henny is currently project managing a cyber support tool for the maritime community in a partnership between CSO Alliance and Airbus.

点击传记Capt. Ozgur Dogan Gunes, Singhai Marine Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.和Columbia Shipmanagement (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. ,海事培训经理主持

Capt. Ozgur Dogan GunesCapt. Ozgur has over a decade of experience in both at sea and onshore including first decisional level and had a varied time at sea witnessing but also contributing the technological evolution of maritime industry. He holds a BSc in Maritime Studies and Unlimited Master Mariner competency and continues to push at the forefront of maritime practices on safety, quality, security and technological developments.

Further panellists to be announced 更多的小组成员待定

Marlink1750到1930 - 会议结语及交流酒水招待会- 由Marlink主持

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